nice to meet you.

My name is Sakurai Thomas from Edinburgh Natural Skincare.

We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the BEST BODY JAPAN 2022 Japan Tournament.

Edinburgh Natural Skincare is based in Scotland, UK, and is a brand that uses only 100% natural ingredients, with the concept of being kind to the earth and the skin.

"No animal testing"

" 100% natural ingredients"

"No chemical ingredients"

"Recycled packaging recommended"

This is our company policy, and we expanded into Japan in 2019 with the aim of spreading the benefits of clean beauty, which has taken root in the UK.

LUXURY NO.1 WHIPPED BODY BUTTER , which has now been adopted as an official cream by Best Body Japan, is made entirely from natural ingredients.

The ingredients included are:

Shea butter

Coconut oil

Palm oil


Aroma Essential Oils

It contains many nutrients that are considered to be of good quality for human skin, is easily absorbed into the skin, and gives it firmness and luster for a long time.

The scent is luxurious, based on lavender, clove and frankincense, and is made using aromatic oils carefully selected from Scotland.

We would love for the instructors to try out the product before the competition, so with the cooperation of BEST BODY JAPAN , we sent this product to you. If you like this product and would like to recommend it to your students on social media , we would be grateful if you could share your thoughts and introduce it on social media .

 When posting on Instagram or other platforms, we would appreciate it if you could include our account name " ens.jpn " and the following #tag.


#Body cream


We also have other skin-friendly products, so please take this opportunity to check out our website.

We look forward to your continued support of Edinburgh Natural Skincare.


Edinburgh Natural Skincare


Thomas Sakurai